Sunday, 18 January 2009

Geometric piece of sculptural ceramics made in Pennsylvania and fired in a wood-fired kiln.
This is a limestone carving of a rose sited outside a Georgian house in central Leeds, sculpture of this nature would suit either a rural or an urban garden.

Slate relief (5 x 2 feet).

Chevin Park Sculpture Trail, Otley, near Leeds.

Chainsaw carving such as this would be well suited to a large public garden, or a rural sculpture park.

Interior stone carved lintel, on the theme of a celtic marriage of forms and organic curves (4 feet long 2003).

Friday, 13 June 2008

Here is the new site of the collaborative work between Rupert Kemperly and Shane Green , both present members of the Otley Observation Society.
Rupert's background in Landscape Design and Shane's in Sculpture has brought about an exciting new creative partnership that incorporates stone and wood carvings into contemporary Garden Design.
'Entangled' 26x26x4ins. Limestone 2001
'Otley Chevin Sculpture Trail' work in progress 1999
'Group of Figures' 16x16x20ins. Limestone 1986
'Relief Maquettes' 6x6ins. each Ceramic Tiles 1985
'Stile Life II' 36x36x18ins. Limestone 1985